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Space and Light – Luba Arnold-Larnie & Janice Lyall

Local Gloucester based artists and friends Luba Arnold (Larnie) and Janice Lyall return to the Guildhall with their latest exhibition "Light and Space "

"Space is the breath of Art "- said American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Artists imply space, which refers to distances of areas around, between and within components of piece. Space gives the viewer a reference for interpreting an artwork.

Space can be created by colours and light.

Both artists are particularly attracted by morning and evening light. They work from memories, notes, drawing and photographs; however they also paint on location.

Their paintings are not always portraits of particular places, more an attempt to distil a memory of a space with its light and weather therefore leaving them open to other interpretations and perceptions. But sometimes they may endeavour to make the final image as photo realistic as possible.

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