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The Wurzels

Although the band weren’t topping the charts and appearing on TV with such regularity as in the mid 1970s, life was no less busy as they continued to perform for fans old and new alike – but with the dawn of the new millennium things were about to take off once again.

In 2000 a new CD was issued ‘The Finest Arvest of the Wurzels’ – a massive collection of the Wurzel’s hits. This major seller was closely followed by ‘The Wurzels Collection’ – more back numbers reissued. The band came under new and proactive management in the form of Sil Willcox, an established manager and record producer (most well known of his groups perhaps being ‘The Stranglers’). Under his care and guidance the Wurzels produced a new album ‘Never Mind The Bullocks’ which consisted of covers of modern pop songs.

Two singles from this album were to put the band back on the map. The first was ‘Combine Harvester remix 2001’ – an upbeat version of their 1976 chart topper, closely followed by ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’, originally sung by a group known as Oo-Ar-Sis or should that be Oasis! These releases opened the floodgates and the Wurzels haven’t looked back since – and certainly not in anger!

Further albums of fresh recordings followed along with numerous appearances on TV shows. Requests for gigs poured in – it is not uncommon for the band to play to crowds numbered in their thousands and their fan base increased massively taking in children, university students and adults alike. In the summer of 2000 the Wurzels achieved the ultimate accolade – they played at the Glastonbury Festival! Adge Cutler would have been so proud of his legacy!

The Wurzels’ first commercial video was released in 2002 along with another CD - both now highly sought after by collectors. In recent times several albums and singles have been released, including their first collaborative single ‘Cider Drinker 2007’ along with DJ Tony Blackburn – a single to raise money for a prostate cancer appeal following band member Tommy Banner’s fight with the disease. More recently a re-recording of the single ‘One For The Bristol City’, also a charity single for prostate cancer, tickled the national charts.

Demand for Wurzel music has also resulted in yet another ‘Greatest Hits’ collection - there appears to be no end to the phenomenon of ‘The Wurzels’ – hardly a day goes by now when they can’t be found on stage, appearing on TV shows, raising money for charities close to their hearts and most of all bringing so much pleasure to so many people with simple sing-along numbers extolling the virtues of living in the land of cider and sunshine.

The Wurzels are regularly asked how long will they keep going. The band always respond that they intend to keep going whilst they enjoy performing – and that suits the rest of us just fine

Plus support from
The Skimmity Hitchers



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