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BattyDoodles – Courtney Thomas

Courtney is a 2016 uni graduate with an aspiration of being a comic artist, character designer and cartoon illustrator. Show casing what she passionate about right here! Comics and illustrations.

Courtney lives in the Gloucestershire country side where she focuses on her works and other hobbies, sending publications off to publisher all over the world in the hopes of being accepted.

Courtney studied illustration at the University of Worcester where she worked on comics and children’s books for three years [along with other types of illustration and storytelling, including a dash of animation].

Currently Courtney is working on commissions and her own webcomics, Terra Nova, Dog, and Marbor.

Courtney’s main focuses are around fantasy, sci-fi and horror with a sprinkling of comedy here and there.

In the future Courtney intends to take her comics to comic-cons along with other merchandise such as stickers and posters. She has already collaborated with some of her old university friends on an anthology which can still be bought with limited amounts left.

She has also opened up an etsy store in the hopes of growing it and selling much more things!

“I love making comics to tell the stories of the characters that I’ve worked on and fleshed out to

be as real as they can be. I enjoy making stories so much that when it comes to a single

illustration I do my best to not just add the story and personality of the characters but to add

small stories in the backgrounds too for people to look out for. They can be such things from a

bird pooping on a person’s new hat to a huge robot attacking a town.” - Courtney.

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Friday 3rd - Wednesday 29th May 2019