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'What is Art?' by Janice Lyall and Luba Arnold

Janice Lyall and Luba Arnold - ‘What is Art?’

There are so many different definitions of ‘Art’, according to so many different sources, that the debate could continue for days. So here is my personal definition: 

‘Art’ is not a finished painting on the wall- it’s my journey of discovery that rests there.

For me, the journey is about discovering the subjects that inspire me, delving deeper to define and capture a simplified ‘essence’ and to develop it in ways to describe something about what I feel.

It can begin with a sudden glimpse on the landscape that catches my eye, beckoning me to look closer, to explore further. It could be the myriad of colours on an insect’s back.  I may read out about a person who did something amazing, beyond the expected and who has achieved ‘greatness’ in my eyes.  There are so many of them! The interest could be a certain colour resonating against other colours on textured surfaces. It might even stem from intricate patterns of a mathematical equation. Who doesn’t like seeing the stars at night and identifying constellations?

Sometimes, I may endeavour to make the final image as photo realistic as I possibly can. More often, I don’t. I seek only to describe the essence, to portray the beauty and story within.

What is ‘Art’ for you?

Monday 3rd September 2018

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